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Are you thinking of becoming a childminder?


Have a look on your local council's website.  You may hear your council also referred to as 'local authority' or 'LA'.   Some LAs offer extensive support and stipulate certain requirements, like naming specific childminding training and safeguarding courses for you to complete.  If you can't find the information on their website, try ringing and ask to speak to the Early Years Team.  

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Support Network


Sometimes we just need someone to bounce ideas off, which can be tricky as a childminder working alone.  There are some great closed Facebook groups if you search for 'childminders'.  Friendly Childminders is one that I established at the end of 2018 and it's a lovely online community, where you can ask the daft questions and get advice. 



Please be mindful when using social media. Stick to the rules of groups, observe safeguarding and confidentiality policies and use your common sense. 


In addition to online communities, find out about  local groups and events that you can attend with mindees.  You may even find playgroup sessions specifically for childminders, which may help you get to know local minders! 

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The information on this page is based on  Sam's experiences and is her own advice.

Useful websites...


Childminding UK  

 - Their 'Becoming a Childminder Section' is particularly good 

Guidance for Childminders

- Government website providing lots of information, including pre-registration visit

Pre-Inspection Briefing

 - Ofsted's Presentation for those looking to become childminders 

Early Years Inspection Handbook

 - Ofsted's Handbook for Inspections



- Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years

- Great for advertising and finding families

 - Gov website with lots of information for childcare providers and parents

Childcare Choices 

- Information on funding and childcare costs

EYFS Framework

 - Statutory document

 - Also see EYFS


 - Working Together to Safeguard Children

Development Matters

 - Non statutory document that helps practitioners implement the Early Years

What To Expect When

 - Parents' guidance to help understand their children's learning

Foundation Years

- Support and information about the Early Years