EYFS - Prime Areas

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 EYFS - Prime Areas

The Prime Areas are the foundation blocks of a child's learning during their first years.  They are incredibly important life skills that will set them up for the rest of their life and are the main focus of a child's development from birth to two.  They are categorised into milestone statements and split into overlapping age bands. These can be seen in the Early Outcomes of the Development Matters, a non statutory document that practitioners can use to help implement a child's learning and track their progress within the areas.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

- Making relationships 

- Self-confidence and self-awareness


-Managing feelings and behaviour


and Language 

- Listening and attention

- Understanding

- Speaking

Physical Development 

- Moving and handling


- Health and self-care 

Here are some examples of what this look like in practise...


- Playing games and turn taking

- Learning to wait for things

- Understanding yes, no and some boundaries


- Choosing activities and resources with some encouragement 


- Asking grown ups for help


- Enjoying carrying out small tasks 

-Trying to help others when they're upset.

Here are some examples of what this look like in practise...


- Listening to and enjoying rhymes and songs 

- Recognising and responding to familiar sounds, like the doorbell ringing


- Joining in with repeated refrains in stories 

- Following simple instructions


- Copying familiar expressions 


- Using simple sentences


-Selecting objects by name and will go and find things when asked 

Here are some examples of what this look like in practise...


- Drinking well without spilling 

- Communicating the need to go to the potty or the toilet 

- Picking up objects between thumb and fingers


-Balancing blocks to make a small tower

- Kicking a large ball


-Turning pages in a book, sometimes several at once

-Beginning to recognise danger and seeking help from a familiar adult