Covid Policy


Note to you... yes you!  Hello!  Since the start of the pandemic, I have worked blinkin' hard to research and write covid policies to support my fellow childminders.  They have taken hours of work and I have put them out there for FREE, as it didn't feel right to profit from the situation.  However, this is likely to be the final covid policy that's needed, and I've seen so many other people benefit financially from the pandemic, that I've changed my mind because my little business needs some support please!   Therefore, this policy costs £2.50 per setting, but I will be donating 20% of the profits (after Paypal and Stripe fees) to the charity CHOOSE LOVE.


Here's the info about the policy....


This 3 page pack is mainly intended for childminding settings who wish to update their families with their covid policy following England's new guidance as of 24th February 2022, which includes some specific criteria for childminders.  It is a fully editable Word document for you to adapt to your setting as you may not agree with all points in it - so make sure you read it all and make it pertinent to you your setting.


The information contained within this pack is  is written to the best of my knowledge but it is not offical advice.  The original text is copyrighted by me, but permission is granted for alternations to be made so it's pertinent to individual settings. 


It should be seen as a template to be used to create your own policy as it must be edited before sharing with your parents/carers.  I repeat - it's not a document that you can just print and distribute!  You must read through it and adapt it so that it makes sense for your setting.


This Covid Policy is only intended for use in the setting by the person who downloaded it and should not be distributed unless permission has been given in writing by Blue Button Childminding Paperwork.


Small Print

I take no legal responsibility for the contents of this pack and how it will be used. It is not legal advice, it is accurate at the time of writing and maybe subject to change. I am not an expert on the coronavirus either medically or in terms of how the situation is being handled both in the UK and globally. For up to date information, please see the NHS or UK government's websites.


Technical Stuff

  • This digital pack is sent as an editable  Word document.
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  • You get one opportunity to download the pack, so it’s recommended you open the link on your computer and download it there as not all phones or tables have the space or capability to open the documents.
  • Pay once and print as many as you need.
  • It is only to be used by the person purchasing for use within one setting and must not be shared - support a small business and buy your own copy please!
  • Download within 30 days of purchasing.
  • Refunds will not be given.
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Covid Policy February 2022