Covid Action Plan


This pack is intended for childminding settings that are reopening afer a period of closure due to coronavirus. The information contained within this pack is based on the comprehensive 24 page action plan that I wrote for my own setting - it is not official advice. 


It should be seen as a template to be used to create your own action plan as it must be edited before sharing with your parents/carers.  I repeat - it's not an action plan that you can just print and distribute!  You must read through it and adapt it so that it makes sense for your setting and there are lots of highlighted sections and examples from my own setting along the way to help you achieve this!  


This Covid Action Plan  is only intended for use in the setting by the person who downloaded it and should not be distributed unless permission has been given in writing by Blue Button Childminding Paperwork.


The contents page of this action plan looks like this...

Morning Drop Off

  • What if more than one family arrives at the same time?
  • Can my child bring toys from home like before?
  • Will you take my child’s temperature on arrival?
  • What do I do with my child’s things that they need to bring, such as nappies and spare clothes?
  • Do I need to wear PPE when I drop my child off?
  • Will you need to wear PPE?

Our Day

  • Will you be socially distancing from our children?
  • Will our children need to socially distance from each other?
  • Will you be taking my child out on adventures like you used to?
  • What will happen at meal times?
  • Are there any changes to the playroom?
  • What resources can our children expect to play with?

Enhanced Hygiene Procedures

  • What are you doing about handwashing?
  • What are you doing about cleaning?
  • How are you going to wash our children’s bedding and blue suits?
  • How are you going to clean the shared car seats and buggy?

Sleeping Arrangements 


  • What are the coronavirus symptoms?
  • What do I do if I myself, my child or someone in my household has symptoms of coronavirus?
  • What will you do if you, or someone from your household are displaying symptoms of coronavirus?
  • What happens if the test is positive for someone in the ‘childminding family’?
  • What happens with our fees if your setting needs to close due to coronavirus?
  • What happens with our fees if our family is isolating?
  • What happens if our children cannot attend your setting due to a reason that is unrelated to coronavirus?

School Runs

Evening Collection


Small Print

I take no legal responsibility for the contents of this pack and how it will be used. It is not legal advice, it is accurate at the time of writing and maybe subject to change. I am not an expert on the coronavirus either medically or in terms of how the situation is being handled both in the UK and globally. For up to date information, please see the NHS or UK government's websites.


Technical Stuff

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Coronavirus Action Plan

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