Here it is!  The long awaited Childminder Support Pack, which will help you to evaluate your current practises alongside the new EYFS Statutory Framework, in preparation for its implementation in September 2021.


So, what can you expect from this Childminder Support Pack?   

It is not a replacement for the new framework, a paraphrased version or a summary of the changes telling you what you need to do.   That would be an insult to you and your professionalism; because you can just download the framework yourself and you already know what you’re doing from day to day.   What you will get from this epic 114 page pack is the opportunity to evaluate the different aspects of your business, all the while using the new Statutory Framework as reference, so during this process you will get to know it and you’ll feel prepared for September 2021.   I will help you to achieve this by using my knowledge of the EYFS, personal experiences and the evaluation tools that I created, which will lead you to write action plans for yourself.   I have written this pack in such a way that I hope you feel like I am sitting with you, guiding you through each part. 



  • Bedtime Reading & Quick Pack Guide
  • Seven Areas of Learning
  • Overarching Principles
  • Educational Programmes
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning
  • Parent/Carer Partnership
  • English as an Additional Language
  • Two Year Progress Check
  • Tracking Progress and Assessment
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements

               (a) Policies and Procedures:  Do they need to be written down?  

               (b) Child Protection and Safeguarding

               (c) Ratios and Floor Space

               (d) Complaints

               (e) Information and Record Keeping

  • Day to Day Care

               (a) Medication and Promoting Good Health

               (b) Food and Drink

               (c) Accident or Injury

               (d) Managing Children’s Behaviour

               (e) Safety in Your Setting

               (f) Risk Assessments and Outings

  • Blue Button's Teaching Reminders


Printing Tips

It maybe possible for you to view it on a tablet/laptop/phone if they have the capability to disaply PDF documents. This would mean you did not need to print it and you could just complete the evaluations and action plans on your own paper seperately.

You can print the pack as it is and this will give you more space to write in the evaluation tools and action plans.   

You can print 2 pages to one sheet.

You can print out each section as you work through it.


Small Print

I take no legal responsibility for the contents of this pack and how it will be used.  It is accurate at the time of writing and everything inlcuded is done so to the best of my knowledge.   It is copyrighted to me, Sam Heaven and it is only for use by the person purchasing it.  Permission is not given for it to be distrubted electronically or as a printed version.


Technical Stuff

Sent as a PDF file via digital download to save to your computer - it is not recommended that you try and download to your phone or tablet initially as your device may not support this.

Download within 30 days of purchasing.

Refunds will not be given, but download links can be resent if necessary - just get in touch

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The Blue Button Childminder Support Pack