The story behind Blue Button Childminding Paperwork

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Hello!  My name is Sam and I live in Bury, Greater Manchester with my lovely husband and our amazing 9 year old son.

I am an Early Years teacher turned childminder - I had my pre-registration visit in October 2017 and opened my home in January 2018.  I absolutely love it!  I am passionate about Early Years and it is a privilege to help young children learn life long skills.

As a teacher, I used an online system to track the progress of my children, which worked well in a large setting.   However, as a childminder I wanted something more personal to fit in with my home from home setting. I wanted to give my families a tangible reminder of their children's adventures during their first years at Blue Button Childcare.  

This led me to create my own Early Years Outcomes Tracker and Observations Sheet that was simple to complete, easy for parents to understand and also looked appealing.  After receiving some compliments about it, I decided to put it out there and it turned out that other people liked it too!  Since then, I have created more paperwork that I have found useful as well as pieces requested by others.

I have looked after children for over 20 years, since babysitting as a teenager, working at local play schemes during my summer holidays and volunteering at local primary schools.  After earning my degree and PGCE, I embarked upon an exciting teaching career.  During this time, I taught more than 200 fantastic children and I learnt so much from them.  Working with children really is incredibly rewarding and great fun!

You can find a full list of experience and qualifications here

Sam x