Childminder's Paperwork Checklist


Fantastic checklist that reflects the new Ofsted Inspection Handbook that came into effect on 1st September 2019!


  • It covers all aspects of your business and includes statutory documentation, good practice and additional ideas to help you with organisation!


Everything Included:


  • Personal Information
  • Children’s Information
  • Incidents, Accidents and Complaints
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection
  • Health and Safety
  • Other Polices and Procedures
  • Parent/Carer Partnership
  • Sharing With Settings
  • Career Professional Development
  • Learning, Development and Assessment
  • Contracts and Permission Forms
  • Assistants


  • Created by an Early Years teacher turned childminder, whose own paperwork was referred to as ‘meticulous documentation’ at her last inspection.

  • Easy to understand and simple to use - each section has tick lists


What do people think of it?

"From the helpful suggestions to the accurate information it contains, this is so worth purchasing! I can already feel my paperwork stress decreasing!” J


”Easy to read and refer back to. Very helpful especially when leading up to an inspection.” R


”A lovely, well written, easy to follow checklist that covers all the paperwork you need for your childminding business.” M



Technical Stuff

  • Sent as a file via digital download to save to your computer - it is not recommended that you try and download to your phone or tablet!
  • Download within 30 days of purchasing
  • Refunds will not be given, but download links can be resent if necessary - just get in touch

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Small Print

I take no legal responsibility for the contents of this pack and how they will be used. I will not be held accountable for the outcome of anyone’s Ofsted inspection. This Childminder Paperwork Checklist is intended as an advisory tool and does not replace the reading of or compliance with statutory documents, or the purchasers own research. I strongly recommend that you download the whole Ofsted Inspection Handbook and the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and treat yourself to some bedtime reading!

Childminder Paperwork Checklist

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