Here is a 30 page pack full of guidance, ideas and activities to help children learn the skills they will need as they embark on their new adventure, which has been updated for the new EYFS Statutory Framework.


As an experienced Reception and Nursery teacher turned childminder, I thought a lot about the preparations for school and how I can help.  It’s as much about spending time together and working together whether that’s as a parent, child or care giver!  Each activity page has a parent/carer section with ideas and support.


The pack is sent as a PDF for you to download and print at home, so you can use it more than once. However, it is subject to copyright and is only for use by the person purchasing it. For example, a childminder can purchase it and send it out to the mindees within their setting or an individual parent may purchase their own copy for their child.


Here's a list of what's included in the pack:

What Is the EYFS? - Guidance for parents/carers about the Early Years Curriculum

All About Me - Information about your child that you want their new teacher to know

This Is Me - Space for a picture of the child along with guidance about mark making and drawing

My Family - Space for pictures of the child's family

I Can Count - Activities and support to help children count with futher ideas

I Can Name the Colours - Activity to name and recognise colours with further ideas

I Can Name the Shapes - Activity to identify shapes with further ideas

I Can Follow the Lines - Activity to help with pencil control

I Can Use Scissors - Activity to help use scissors safely

I Can Order Things by Size - Activity to understand sizes and further ideas

I Can Use Positional Language - Activity to understand positions and further ideas

I Can Listen and Respond - Activity to introduce listening skills and phonics with further ideas

I Can Say the Sounds - Phonics and early reading activities with further ideas

I Can Write My Name - Name writing activity with further ideas

I Can Move Around - Activities to help with gross motor skills

I Can Look After Myself - Activities to help children with everyday tasks

My Adventures - Space for notes, photos and drawings

Printable rainbow - A picture to colour in

Printable certificate - To fill in at the end of the pack, when the child is ready for their new adventure!


Technical Information Sent as a digital PDF file via download to save to your computer - it is not recommended that you download to your phone/tablet as they may not support this.


Download within 30 days of purchasing Refunds will not be given, but download links can be resent if necessary - just get in touch ©Blue Button Childminding Paperwork

Getting Ready For Pre-School Pack